This is a family matter


Do you know ??? 

Since humans began to domesticate milk-producing animals around 10,000B.C.cheese was created.

Everybody knows !!

To make cheese you need  milk, enzymes,  bacteria and holes in a container.


When Hatley road was a dirt road.

Alfred and Aglaé were farmers, they arrived on Hatley road, in 1928.

Four generations of women and men worked the land looking for the best way to earn their living to finally find their answer  , the  creation of   cheese.  From Alfred the farmer to our days, the story is retelled in the same spirit and parents pass their  knowledge to younger generations.



1928 : Alfred and Aglaé arrival.

1954 : Next generation Rita Bolduc and Marcel Bolduc.

1983 : Carole Routhier and Pierre Bolduc succession.

1995 : First step to organic farming.

2004 : The beginning of the cheese dairy.

2008 : The expension of the cheese dairy and the farm.

2008 : The partnership with our sons.

2016 : (Family picture), Martin, Simon-Pierre, Carole, Pierre, Vincent

The land does not work, does not operate. She devotes herself. Agriculture il the fruit of collaboration with stakeholders such as sun-wind-rain-forests-sky-lakes-rivers-moon-birds-insects-ground-animals-humans etc. In order to nurture to protect and care for each of the stakeholders.

I take care le the shop, the media and the unexpected!

Carole Routhier, founder fromagerie La Station

” Soil in my hands makes me smile! “

I just can remember how old I was when I removed my first stone from the field to make it better.

Since I am a child, nature was and still is my world, I have air from Compton in my lungs and blood from Beauce in my veins.. I walk my land to give a message, take care, take good care of the land.  Working on the land is my great passion.

I farm the land and produce the maple syrup.

Pierre Bolduc, President

” If someone had forbidden me to create cheese , I would have done it anyway. “

It was love at first sight between me and  cheese. To transform,to modify  it is a second nature to me. The power to create is my great motivation .

I take care of the cheese factory and I make cheese.

Simon-Pierre Bolduc, cheese diary “La Station “ 


” Forest teaches me lessons even when I am not listening. “ 

When I was a child, I  climbed trees to see far away,that is why today I have a broader vision on things.After experiencing many sides of agriculture, I finally understand that  the nature, forest, outdoor were my answers.

I take care of  the asparagus-growing and the maple grove.

Martin,  maple grove and asparagus growing 

” I didn’t have to become a farmer I was already one. ”

I started agriculture before my parents allowed it.

I was born to work on agriculture.

I never questionned my taste to work on the farm.

Agriculture and I are one.

I take care of the farm.

Vincent Bolduc,  farm “La Station”