Fondue de Compton

So simple to prepare, so simple to serve it is the classic fondue. Our fondue already set is an unctuous mixture of three cheeses  Alfred Le Fermier, the Comptomme and the Hatley road.

The perfect takeaway for two, you only have to add your favorite flavours.

Dip a piece of bread in the delicious melted cheese in the fondue pot and enjoy !!

Suggestions on how to prepare:

  • Various Cold cuts  
  • Duck sausages 
  • Prosciutto 
  • Sauerkraut 
  • Marinated small onions 
  • Grilled vegetables such as cauliflowers, broccolis, zucchinis, asparagus, and mushrooms 
  • Wine, beer or tea 


Organic unpasteurized milk, salt, rennet, bacterial cultures.

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