The Comtomme

The Comtomme is made from organic milk ripened between 60 to 90 days on wood board. Its washed rind is copper and its paste is golden ivory. This cheese makes us discover a mixture of butter and  crab apple aromas. Its texture is melty and supple, perfect for a delicious cheese raclette. The Comtomme is also great on cheese platter.

Its name comes from the mix of two words, the name of the village Compton  and the kind of cheese it represents a tomme.


Organic unpasteurized milk, salt, rennet, bacterial cultures.



WORLD CHEESE AWARD 2019-2020, Comtomme GAGNANT médaille bronze
2018 Concours des Fromages fins Canadiens GAGNANT meilleur fromage pâte semi-ferme
2017 GAGNANT médaille d’argent au WORLD CHEESE AWARDS
2006 and 2009 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix
Finalist in Washed-rind Cheese
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60 to 90 days

3,8 kg

30 %

43 %

Nutrition Facts